Council tax: 2% rise in Thames Valley Police’s share of bill


Members of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel have endorsed the Police and Crime Commissioner’s proposed precept of a 2% rise for 2014/15.

Members approved the 2% precept, with a caveat that should Government’s council tax referendum threshold be lower than 2%, the precept should also be lowered to the same level, with the shortfall to be funded from Thames Valley Police reserves and the surplus in council tax collection rates for 2013/14.

Trevor Egleton, chairman of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel, said: “Agreeing a policing budget that will increase council tax for residents at a time when many councils are trying to keep their part of council tax as low as possible was a very difficult decision for the Panel to make.

But, having given the Commissioner’s proposals very careful consideration and having received assurances from him that there will be no reduction in local visible policing, the Panel was able to approve the precept.”