Designs on setting highest standards
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Central Bedfordshire Council has published new guidance which sets out advice about the rigorous and high standards it expects all types of new developments to achieve.

The council is proposing to deliver 31,000 new homes and 27,000 jobs by 2031, to keep pace with population growth, and it wants to ensure that high standards of design are followed.

This includes ensuring that homes and gardens that are of a decent size, can adapt to changes needs and lifestyles, that there is adequate parking and that all new developments are welcoming and safe places to live.

These aspects are all contained in the revised Central Bedfordshire Design Guide, which was put together following extensive consultation with the development industry.

Councillor Nigel Young said: “One of the council’s key priorities is to deliver decent homes in areas where people want to live.

“We want to make sure that development isn’t just about numbers of houses – it’s about providing people with good-sized, quality homes that they really love and want to live in for many years – rather than just being a short-term investment.”

The Design Guide sets out clear guidance for developers about the minimum size for bedrooms, cooking, living and eating areas, the need for rooms to receive enough daylight to make them comfortable, as well as ensuring that properties have sufficient storage space and parking.

Since September, all applications have had to adhere to the principles contained in the Design Guide.

This summer Central Beds agreed plans for two large scale housing developments in Leighton prior to the revised guide – one for 950 homes on Chamberlains Barn Quarry, Heath Road, and another for 270 homes on land known as the The Stearn, Clipstone Lane.