Eaton Leyes to grow into a vast suburb

House building
House building

The buzz of conversation has been in the air around Great Brickhill as plans for 2,000 new homes to be built in a major development at Eaton Leyes are soon to be unveiled.

Both Stoke Hammond and Great Brickhill Parish Councils will be responding to the development, which could see the small village expand into a mass settlement.

An exhibition of the plan is scheduled at Great Brickhill Parish Hall on Saturday, November 15, giving nearby families a chance to glimpse what the development has in store.

Dianne Richardson, vice-chair of Great Brickhill Parish Council, said they were not yet aware of any finer details of the development, as plans were still at a very preliminary stage.

A large turnout is expected for the exhibition. Although the new housing estate at Eaton Leyes is a mile outside the village of Great Brickhill, it is still part of the parish. One effect of the expanditure is that it could effectively turn into a suburb of Milton Keynes.

In an online preview, Warwick-based developers Gallagher Estates said the site would benefit from direct access to Milton Keynes via the A5 and would be located within 15 minutes from facilities in Central Bletchley, including the train station.

The area has also been recognised by Milton Keynes Council as a viable option for a housing site as part of a long-term housing programme.

As well as the housing estate at Eaton Leyes, Stoke Hammond Parish Council will be dealing with another development in its parish - plans for 74 houses to be built on land to the east of Fenny Road. This planning application will be discussed at their next meeting on Thursday, November 13.