ELECTION 2015: Buckingham constituency candidates

The candidates for parliamentary elections in the Vale have been announced.

The Buckingham constituency, which covers numerous villages in LBO, has three candidates.

The nominations for the parliamentary elections are:

Buckingham: John Bercow (The Speaker seeking re-election); Dave Fowler (UKIP – Scrap HS2); Alan Francis (Green Party).

The small number of candidates in Buckingham is in stark contrast to the last election, when 11 candidates, including several independents, stood. Mr Bercow won that election with 47.3% of the vote.

The verification and count for the parliamentary elections will be held at the Gateway, Aylesbury, starting at 10.30pm on Thursday, May 7.

Here the candidates have their say...


For 18 years I have had the honour to represent the Buckingham constituency in Parliament.

First and foremost, I am a constituency MP, and I have always sought to be a hard-working and efficient representative for our area who stands up for, and with, local residents. Whether it is a concern about home-school transport, problems with the HMRC or fighting for the provision of care for our most vulnerable residents, I have always tried to be on hand to help. I have taken on thousands of individual cases and have always attempted to resolve them wherever possible. I have been outspoken on the issue of HS2, which would be all pain and no gain for the large portions of the community which it blights. Each successive Transport Secretary has met with me in Speaker’s House to discuss our concerns. I am quite clear in these discussions: we are against this proposal.

On the issue of local planning, I am against the creeping threat of speculative developments. In the last six months alone I have submitted objections to applications for developments in areas such as, although by no means limited to, Newton Longville, Haddenham, Princes Risborough and Ivinghoe. I am, and will remain, opposed to putting profit before people.

I would like to close by saying that it has always been a privilege to be an advocate for our area, and I very much hope that the electors of the Buckingham constituency will permit me to continue in this capacity.


UKIP is the only national party to campaign against HS2 – they have done this from the start and will continue to do so. The pathetic contributions made by our Vale MPs John Bercow and David Lidington have been at best “Low Key” and at worst breathtakingly arrogant.

But make no mistake HS2 is far from a “Done Deal”. It’s still on amber/red alert as far as Government spending is concerned. Funding from the Chinese seems to have backtracked and every single enquiry into this massive White Elephant has concluded that there is no business sense, no economic sense and no environmental sense. In short, it’s bonkers. An idea dreamt up by our elite bonkers politicians. HS2 will cut off village from village, farm from farm and decimate communities. It will be like driving a stake through the heart of England.Born in Waddesdon (where I still live to this day) I’m a countryman who supports hunting, shooting and fishing. I’m a strong supporter of our Armed Forces and believe the first priority of Government must be the defence of the realm. We must never leave our forces unprepared and starve them of resources they need to operate effectively. I’ve always been interested in politics but became more serious when John Major returned from Brussels having signed the Maastricht Treaty stating it was a good deal for Britain. It was like Neville Chamberlain coming from Hitler saying we had peace in Europe and I’ve never forgiven 
the Tories since.


This is a very unusual election.

Buckingham voters have the choice of just three candidates, Mr Bercow (Speaker), the Greens and UKIP. While we have one local issue in common – we all oppose HS2 – there is a chasm between us on everything else. Mr Bercow and UKIP are on the right of politics and the Greens are on the centre/left.

The Greens are the only party standing in this seat who want an end to austerity measures and to tackle the urgent problem of climate change.

The Conservatives have imposed cuts on the most vulnerable in society, those who are sick, disabled, poor, young or old.

They are being punished for the mistakes made by the rich bankers and politicians. Greens want a more equal society where everyone has a home and can afford to eat and stay warm. That will require increased taxes on big corporations and the wealthiest members of society.

If you want to protect public services, keep the NHS in public hands, scrap tuition fees, increase pensions, end the austerity cuts, introduce a living wage for all, build more council houses, renationalise the railways, improve bus and rail services and cut fares, protect the environment, support small businesses and farms, electoral reform, ban fracking, and tackle climate change, then you have only one choice and that is to vote Green. The Green Party offers a fresh alternative with policies for the common good.

www.greenparty.org.uk/we-stand-for/2015-manifesto.html www.aylesburyvale.greenparty.org.uk