ELECTION 2015: Getting set for the big count


Voting for the Parliamentary, unitary authorities, parish, and police referendum all take place on May 7, 2015.

The Parliamentary results are expected to be called first – mostly coming through overnight.

The Central Beds Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council election results will be counted on Friday afternoon, May 8.

Central Beds will then count its town/parish council votes with the result expected by 10pm.

Parish council counts in the Vale will take place on Saturday morn ing.

The police referendum for a mandate for a rise in the Beds Police precept is expected to be counted the following Monday, May 11.

Candidates for Central Beds Council:

Aspley and Woburn

HAREWOOD-LEE Robin Alexander - Green; WELLS Budge - Conservative.

Eaton Bray

ARCHER Ruth - Independent; JANES Ken - Conservative; SIBIYA Isaac Chikwakwanyi - Labour.

Heath & Reach

VERSALLION Mark Anthony - Conservative

Leighton Buzzard North

BISHOP Michael John - Labour; FERGUSON Ken - Conservative; HULL Jonathan Adrian - Green; JOHNSTONE Roy William - Conservative; MENNIE Rosalind - Liberal Democrat; PURVIS Ian Michael - Labour; SCOTT Daniel - Labour; SPURR Brian John - Conservative; WHITE Alan Roger - Liberal Democrat; WILSON Simon James - Green; WOODWARDS Gary - Green.

Leighton Buzzard South

ADAMS Paul Leslie - Independent; BERRY Ray - Conservative; BONE John Stephen - Labour; BOWATER Dave - Conservative; CHEESEWRIGHT Nichola Lynne - Green; DODWELL Amanda Louise - Conservative; GRAY Anne Elizabeth - Liberal Democrat; GUESS Anne Jennifer - Liberal Democrat; HEFFERNAN Adrian Peter - Labour; LAWRENCE Emily Anne - Green; LELLIOTT Garry - UKIP; NORTHEDGE Christopher Phillip Earnshaw - Labour; SNELLING Celia Mary - Liberal Democrat; SUMNER Kenton Roger Charles - Green.


BARRY Ken - Gree; CARNELL Nigel Kenneth - Liberal Democrat; DARLING Parisa Francesca Rosina - Gree; GOODCHILD Russ - Liberal Democrat; E MABBOTT Tony - Gree; PALFREY Peter William - Labour; PERHAM Gordon - Conservative; PRICE Rebekah - Labour; REYNOLDS Ian Thomas - UKIP; SANDISON Gerald Alfred - Labour; SNELLING Peter John - Liberal Democrat; TUBB Gary David - Conservative; WALKER Benjamin Mark Ian - Conservative; WOODHOUSE Mike - UKIP.

Candidates for Leighton -Linslade Town Council:


CHEESEWRIGHT Nichola Lynne - Green; CURSONS Sarah Louisa - Conservative; FREEMAN Mark - Independent; GOODCHILD Russ - Lib Dem; OSBORNE Patrick - Green; OWEN Stephen Henry Martin - Lib Dem; PERHAM David James - Conservative; PRICE Rebekah - Labour; SANDISON Gerald Alfred - Labour; WOODHOUSE Mike (UKIP); WOODWARDS Gary (Green).


BONE, Jennifer - Labour; BOWATER Dave - Conservative; DODWELL Amanda Louise - Conservative; LATHAM Joanne Elizabeth - Lib Dem.


ADAMS Paul Leslie - Independent; BONE John Stephen -Labour; DAVIES James - Conservative; DENNISON Richard - Conservative; HULL Jonathan Adrian - Green; JOHNSON Colin Keith - Independent; KHARAWALA Farzana - Conservative; NORTHEDGE Christopher Phillip Earnshaw - Labour; RAHMAN Syed MD Mohibur - Conserative; SNELLING Celia Mary -Lib Dem.


COTTER Steve - Conservative; MABBOTT Tony - Green; MINOR Keith Richard - Labour.


BISHOP Michael John - Labour; FERGUSON Ken - Conservative; JONES Stephen Andrew - Conservative; WHITE Alan Roger - Lib Dem; WRIGHT Rosemary Anne - Green.


BERRY Ray - Conservative; FOSTER Anthony - Labour; MENNIE Rosalind - Lib Dem; MORRIS Tony - Conservative; PURVIS Ian Michael - Labour; REDWOOD Caroline - UKIP; SPURR Brian John - Conservative; WILSON Simon James - Green.


BARRY Ken - Green; BRANDHAM Alan Ronald - Conservative; CARNELL Nigel Kenneth - Lib Dem; CURSONS Karen - Conservative; GRAY Anne Elizabeth - Lib Dem; GUESS Anne Jennifer - Lib Dem; LAWRENCE Emily Anne - Green; PALFREY Peter William - Labour; PALMER Clive Alistair - Conservative; PERHAM Gordon - Conservative; REEDY Frank - Labour; REYNOLDS Ian Thomas - UKIP; SNELLING Peter John - Lib Dem; STEVENS Martyn Anthony - Green; SUMNER Kenton Roger Charles - Green.

St George’s

DOYLE Paul - Green; LAYDEN Kate - Green; PERHAM Carole Ann - Conservative; SCOTT Daniel - Labour; WALLACE Ewan - Conservative; WOODMAN Jane Mary - Labour.

Candidates for Aylesbury Vale District Council:


Poll Chris - Conservative

Great Brickhill and Newton Longville

Blake Neil - Conservative; Everitt Ben - Conservative; Howard Deborah - UKIP; Welch Tim - Green.

Pitstone and 

Adams Robyn - UKIP; Evershed David - Lib Dem; Hodgskiss Mary - Green; Jenkins Sandra - Conservative; Town Derek - Conservative; Wheeler Jo - Green.


Blake Janet - Conservative; Lett Hannah - Green; Sharman Amethyst - UKIP.


Glover Netta - Conservative; Walton Barry -UKIP.


Cooper Peter - Independent; Griffin Nick - UKIP; Wheeler Mark -Green; Withey Richard - Conservative.