ELECTION 2015: Strange feeling for Conservative who misses ‘adrenaline rush’

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A Conservative who was once elected to serve two different councils at the same time is going it alone this week – because nobody will stand against him.

Mark Versallion’s Heath and Reach constituency is one of a minority in the UK that is uncontested.

With no other candidates vying for crosses in the ballot box, he will be automatically reappointed as a Central Beds councillor.

“It seems the other parties couldn’t find candidates wanting to stand against me.

“I’m very flattered but I must say it feels a little strange.

“Even I won’t be able to go and vote because there’s nobody to vote for,” he said.

Mark, a former lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve, had the opposite problem four years ago when there were too many ballot boxes.

He was elected to Central Bedfordshire Council in 2011, but within weeks it emerged he was already a councillor 50 miles away in Harrow.

His London constituents accused him of having “no commitment” and pocketing two councillors’ allowance payments.

Weeks later Mr Versallion resigned from Harrow, where he had served for a year, and a by-election was held for his seat.

At the time Harrow council leader Bill Stephenson complained about the £30,000 by-election bill but said: “He clearly couldn’t represent both seats.”

This week Mr Versallion admitted to missing the “adrenaline rush” of vying for votes.

“I’m busy helping out other candidates instead.

“So I’m still doing my fair share of knocking on doors and pre-election canvassing.” he said.