Greens launch new group for Leighton

The Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard Green Party has been launched in the wake of the party boasting a 23% increase in its membership since the European elections.

A spokesman said: “In the European election in the Central Beds area, the party’s vote was in excess of 5,000 votes, so locally its clear our common sense policies including making a minimum wage a living wage and bringing the railways back into public ownership resonate with the public .

“Locally we want to put Green principles into practice and we want the people of both Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard to know they have a political home.”

They say other key issues include supporting small businesses, a publicly-run bus service and the environment.

Tony Mabbott is the Leighton Buzzard area organiser who can be contacted on 07943 507330.