Horror as man lets dog attack and kill pigeons which lay slowly dying in Leighton Buzzard High Street

Credit: Jane Russell.
Credit: Jane Russell.

Three diners have spoken of their horror as a man let his dog attack and kill two pigeons in Leighton Buzzard High Street.

The incident happened at around 12.40pm on Friday, May 31, while the women watched in shock through a cafe window.

Jennifer Reid, 57, and her daughters Jessica, 27, and Sarah, 29, claim they saw a small terrier-like dog slaughter the birds in a courtyard between Studio 44 and Coral, while its owner just stood and watched.

Jennifer and Jessica went out to confront the man, however, they say he admitted that he lets his dog kill this type of bird.

Jennifer and Jessica, said: “The dog came from nowhere and his owner just looked on as his dog attacked and killed the pigeons, standing over them as they lay dying.

“It bit their necks. One was trying to get away and struggling and then it got the other one.

“It was horrifying to watch, because we witnessed the pigeons struggling firstly to survive and then as they died.

“We went outside to confront the owner of the dog but he seemed very dismissive.

“There was a complete lack of remorse and empathy.”

The dog was not on a lead when the incident happened and the women informed Bedfordshire Police.

Jennifer added: “My daughter Sarah was banging on the cafe window trying to get the dog to stop, while Jessica went outside and said ‘do you not think that the birds have a right to life?’

“The man admitted to my daughter that he did not care if his dogs killed pigeons and that he let them do it – but didn’t usually allow it outside cafes. It was lucky that there were no children around!

“He then lifted the pigeons up and took them away by the feet.

“We think he may be homeless.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman, said: “We were called just after 2:30pm on May 31 to a report of a man allowing his dog to kill pigeons.

“A community PCSO has spoken to the man, but as no offences were identified, we won’t be investigating any further.”

Central Bedfordshire Council confirmed that there are no dog control orders that require residents to keep their canines on a lead in the town centre.