Revealed: What mystery van was up to in Leighton field

Eagle-eyed dog walkers in Leighton Buzzard were intrigued by a mysterious archaeology van spotted between Hockliffe and Vandyke roads.

But those hoping to find buried treasure, the Ark of the Covenant or an Anglo-Saxon burial ground will be rather disappointed, as it turns out it was a routine job and that Time Team’s Tony Robinson won’t be visiting anytime soon!

“We were doing pre development testing for a proposed housing development,” said Michael Tierney of Headland Archaeology.

Andrew Davie, Central Bedfordshire Council Development Infrastructure Group Manager, added: “This archaeological dig is part of the east Leighton Buzzard development, which will provide 2,500 homes.

“It is a routine requirement of the developer.

It is part of the recently approved outline planning permission, and digs will need to be completed at various locations ahead of the submission of more detailed applications and commencement of any development.”