UKIP victory as 
party claims 
two top scalps

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The rise of the UK Independence Party in the European elections saw a Tory and Lib Dem MEP lose their seats.

The total turnout for the Eastern region was 36.2% with UKIP receiving 542,812 votes and returning 3 MEPs.

The Tories came second with 446,569 votes, also returning three MEPs and Labour came third with 271,601 votes and one MEP.

The Greens beat the Lib Dems into fourth place.

In Luton, Labour got the top spot with 16,847 votes, beating Ukip’s 10,978. The Tories were third with 6,476 votes.

The East’s sole Labour MEP Richard Howitt said in his acceptance speech: “I fully accept Labour has to do more to convince disenchanted voters.

“But we can acknowledge the concerns of those who voted UKIP, which we do, without adopting UKIP’s answers - which we won’t.

“Fringe right-wing parties like UKIP have also seen good results tonight in France, Denmark and across Europe.

“This is a protest vote but one that doesn’t change the fact that at the General Election next year, Labour is the alternative party of government, and remains best-placed to win.”

The MEPs are UKIP: Patrick O’Flynn, John Agnew, Tim Aker, Tories: Vicky Ford, Geoffrey Orden and David Campbell Bannerman and Labour: Richard Howitt.

Nationally UKIP now has 23 MEPs, with Labour and the Tories both having 18 members. The Greens have three.