Preventing the most invasive of crimes

Inspector James Davies, Buckingham
Inspector James Davies, Buckingham

An Inspector Calls by Insp James Davies, Thames Valley Police’s Neighbourhood Inspector for Aylesbury Vale...

I ended my last article mentioning that I was looking forward to autumn. Naïve? The autumn brings with it other challenges: Hallowe’en, November 5 and an increased risk in house burglaries.

Each season brings its challenges. With autumn we see the nights draw in and soon you arrive home at 5.30pm and it’s dark. Of course what is clear to our opportunist criminals is, when it turns dark, it is obvious when you are out.

Simply leaving the lights on can be a deterrent that stops them targeting your home.

What are the Community Safety Partnership (Police, AVDC and others) doing to stop your house being broken into? From the start of October we have been rolling out Operation Arctic (very apt) which runs until the new year. Resources will be targeted at key risk areas. On our eastern borders you will see a numbers of operations aimed at making burglars from outside the Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe district unwelcome.

There will be repeats of recent rural crime operations where we conducted automatic number plate operations in the Slapton area.

Some of my officers were criticised during a recent operation for hiding behind a hedge.

While our aim with speeding is to deter offences, my aim with burglars is to catch them and I make no apologies for the legitimate, ethical tactics we employ.

I have spent the last 15 years, have I mentioned that already, seeing a side of the world that I would not wish my children to see. There are some incidents that stick in your mind forever and one of these was a Christmas Eve about 13 years ago, where as a PC I attended a burglary.

The burglars had smashed through the rear patio doors and had opened all of the family’s presents that were under the tree. You can imagine the reaction of the young children.

Therefore I make no apologies for continuing to plough my resources into preventing one of the most invasive crimes there is.

Great Brickhill, Wing and Ivinghoe district remains a safe place to live, even more so than last year, and I, and my officers and PCSOs will continue to work to continue this.