Probe inconclusive into links between ‘UK Cat Killer’ and severed cat’s head in Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard news
Leighton Buzzard news

An investigation into links between the notorious ‘UK Cat Killer’ and a severed cat’s head found in Leighton Buzzard has ended inconclusively.

South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty (SNARL) has been compiling information about the UK Cat Killer, who has been tied to up to 400 animal deaths across the south of England.

Last Friday morning, shocked passers-by discovered the head of a white and fawn cat in Meadow Way. Leighton Buzzard, as reported here.

SNARL stated: “Thanks to everyone who contacted us regarding press reports of an incident in Leighton Buzzard. Unfortunately we were unable to conclusively rule this in or out of the investigation.

“Our grateful thanks to the finder who contacted us and who acted quickly to preserve the anonymity of the owner, who remains very distressed about the incident.

“Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances are such that we can’t say for sure, but that doesn’t make any of it easier for the families of cats found deceased, who then are left without clear answers as to what might have happened to their beloved pet.

“We would ask that you bear them in mind over the next few days and be mindful that they can see everything being posted about their tragic loss.”