Pupils take flight at Vandyke Upper

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Vandyke Upper School played host to 60 Year 3 pupils from Mary Bassett Lower School as part of their Science Week.

As the week was themed around the topic of ‘Flight’, members of the Vandyke Science Team, took the seven- and eight-year-olds on a voyage to the moon.

Tickets were issued and then pupils were wowed by the whoosh bottle, fascinated by flame tests and stunned when sound travelled through their bodies!

They also had the opportunity to investigate the structure of bird feathers and crane fly wings under the microscopes.

The finale to the workshop was observing the amount of energy that can be released from food that would be useful to take to the moon.

The ‘Screaming Jelly Baby’ is a classic science demonstration that was particularly well received! Mary Bassett pupils were excited about their visit to Vandyke and left with their ticket to the moon and a ‘space traveller’ sticker!