RAF base set to hold 1970s staff reunion in Leighton

Did you work at RAF Stanbridge?

At one time RAF Stanbridge was a vital communications base protecting national security during the Cold War. Today most of it has been lost to housing.

But now those who worked at the original centre during the 1970s are launching a nation-wide appeal to contact ex-staff before a huge reunion is held in June.

The organisers are looking for ex-service personnel from the Central Communications Squadron who worked at RAF Stanbridge between 1972 -76.

In its glory days workers at the base enjoyed RAF open days, the freedom of the town, and joint Armistice parades down the High Street.

One of the organisers, Charles Le Boutillier, said: "Once the base was in a time capsule but it's now changed forever.

"A new housing estate covers most of the camp where airmen and airwomen spent their time in the NAAFI, on the running track or working in the communications centre during the cold war years.

"Many of the ex-service people are talking to each other via social internet sites.

"We are organising a weekend of events and there will be on display photos of Stanbridge in the '70s.

"Many have enjoyed their careers and families, and are now retiring, looking back fondly on the time spent in the service of their country, but in particularly at RAF Stanbridge.

"Many live far away, and have decided to have a once-in-a-lifetime get together this summer with old comrades.

"We would welcome any ex RAF personnel who would like to join us from 1972-76 and review the good old days, with friends and family.

"Remember those Tiddle Tuesdays and evenings at the well know public houses in Leighton Buzzard ?

"June 20 is the nominated day for celebrating. A hog roast has been ordered together with entertainment.

"One of the few landmarks left on the former camp is the athletics track at RAF Stanbridge and it conjours up memories of RAF open days and sports days for many.

"Today it is still very visible by the pine trees, which used to be in front of the Spiders Web Airman's Mess.

"We would like to invite any ex-servicemen of RAF Stanbridge to support this reunion and join us on the day with wives and family."

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