Relief for mum as Giroud style haircut ban overturned

The mum of a schoolboy threatened with isolation has breathed a sigh of relief after he was allowed to return to lessons.

Sarah Purdy, 33, felt she had little choice but to take son Danny home after Brooklands Middle School said they would isolate him from class for having a haircut like his footballer hero, Oliver Giroud.

After a stand-off lasting nearly two weeks, Sarah took nine-year-old Danny into school yesterday morning for a meeting with headteacher Steven Harrington-Williams.

And things went better than expected as the school allowed Danny back into the classroom.

Sarah said: “It’s great news because Danny is now back at school, which is what I really wanted.

“Mr Harrington Williams said he had revised the rules on haircuts and would put a copy on the website.”

Since the LBO broke the story last week, it cascaded to national media with TV and radio news outlets also reporting on the ban.

And it created a storm of interest online, attracting hundreds of comments on social media.

Many felt that Brooklands Middle School was being overzealous, while others argued that rules should always be stuck to.

Sarah said: “I’m so pleased the rules are going to be made clearer now and this should hopefully stop the same thing happening again.”

For now, Sarah has agreed not to get Danny’s hair cut in the exact same way again, and has trimmed the top by a few millimetres as a compromise with the school.

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