Resignation, and row over new Wing pedestrian crossing

The pedestrian crossing
The pedestrian crossing

A mum who launched a petition to get a new pedestrian crossing installed in Wing has claimed that the chair of Wing Parish Council resigned because of a lack of action on Wing’s 2015 traffic report document.

Sarah Roe stood down from the council shortly after the October 30 meeting but claims her resignation had nothing to do with the report in question.

A new chairman was appointed at a parish council meeting on November 15.

Ms Roe’s resignation came just a week after improvements to the pedestrian crossing on Stewkley Road started.

The new crossing was installed following a petition started by a group of mothers from the village in early October after a child was struck by a vehicle at the crossing.

The petition received more than 750 signatures.

Juliet Bush, one of the mums who started the petition said: “The new-look crossing has already made an impact as it is slowing down traffic because of the size of the hump.

“The second crossing (by The Surgery) is not completed - it is just a hump at the moment which is not ideal but it will eventually be a second crossing.

“I am pleased that this has made a difference - but I still feel more could be done.

“We will continue to lobby for changes to the speed limit and more traffic calming measures throughout the village.”

Bucks County Council say that work to complete the installation of the second crossing will continue during the February half-term.

Juliet claims that Ms Roe resigned because of a lack of action in relation to the Wing Parish Council traffic report, a document published in 2015 setting out aims for the next three years in relation to traffic issues.

This website has seen a copy of the report which under the heading ‘Wing Parish Council wish list’ talks about plans for ‘new crossings and improvements to old crossings’ and cites the Stewkley Road crossing.

Juliet claims that during a meeting Ms Roe could “not answer what had happened to money that was supposed to be set aside for this project.”

Juliet said: “The report was written following a consultation with the community and I feel that very little of what was included in the report has been done.

“Personally I think there was a deliberate attempt by some members of the parish council to bury it.”

Ms Roe said: “My resignation had nothing to do with the report - my reasons were personal.”