Rose faces Channel swim challenge for charity

Rose in training in Lake Windermere
Rose in training in Lake Windermere

A swimmer will attempt to swim the English Channel next month, and raise money for four charities close to her heart.

At the end of August (weather permitting) Rose Hawkins, 24, of Eaton Bray and an ex-Manshead School pupil, will be attempting to swim the English Channel. Rose has always loved swimming, having swum for the county and club whilst growing up, and will attempt to swim the English Channel from Dover to Calais.

She said: “The Channel swim is 21 miles (shortest distance from Dover to Cap Gris-Nez) but there is a big chance I will swim much further than that depending on the tides and I expect it to take between 12 and 16 hours.

“To prepare for this challenge I am swimming about 21 miles a week which is roughly 1,350 lengths. I am not allowed to swim in a wet suit so have practised open water swimming at Lake Windermere and will need to practice eating whilst in the sea.”

Rose added: “It is something I have always wanted to do and although this is a personal challenge, I have decided to try and raise some money for some worthy causes.

“Marie Curie and The British Heart Foundation have already been a support within my family.

“Marie Curie is a charity that my family have personally had experience with and made a huge impact through a very difficult part of our lives.

“I am lucky that I have a big and close family, but for those who do not, Marie Curie can provide services that offer comfort, care and support for those with terminal cancer and loved ones around them.

“The British Heart Foundation is another charity that is close to my heart.

“The work of The British Heart Foundation is and has been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are helping to change the fight against heart disease and prevent people prematurely dying from the UK’s biggest killer.”

Rose was inspired to raise money for Medical Detection Dogs by her own black Labrador, Tommy.

She said: “We have had Tommy for five years now and he has added so much to all of our lives but for some a dog can be life saving.

“Medical detection dogs can be used for all kinds of medical conditions, from assisting those with disabilities to detecting cancer.”

The final charity she is fundraising for is Willen Hospice, which helped a friend.

Rose said: “I would like some of the funds raised to go towards a local charity. I have chosen Willen Hospice due to the care they provide to those who are terminally ill and the particular help they gave a very close family friend. They also offer support for loved ones, providing comfort during a very difficult time.”

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