‘Significant’ time in our world history


The outcome of recent climate change talks has been welcomed by the South Beds branch of Friends of the Earth as they are part of the movement that made it happen.

Ken Barry of Linslade said members were delighted with the results achieved at the Paris summit – to keep global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees – and believed it was a significant moment in world history.

He added: “Climate change is obviously one of the most important issues at the present time and we are seeing and hearing evidence of it every day.

“We are particularly pleased that world leaders have acknowledged this fact and have agreed to work together to tackle the problem.

“However we are aware that it’s not all good news. Although world leaders have agreed to take action, our own government is moving in the opposite direction.

“By cutting subsidies on renewable energy and energy efficiency and at the same time promoting fracking and the burning of fossil fuels, they are giving a firm impression that they have no concern for tackling climate change.”

The group has campaigned locally for many year on numerous issues affecting climate change. It has lobbied central government, supported energy efficiency and renewable energy and opposed road building and unsustainable planning issues.

It will continue to oppose fracking and all fossil fue extraction, airport expansion and new roads. It will also campaign to support renewable energy such as wind trubines and solar power, both locally and nationally.

Confederation of British Industry director general John Cridland has criticised the government on its reduction of renewable energy subsidies. He said: “From the rollback of renewables to the mixed messages on energy efficiency, these changes send a worrying signal about the UK as a place for low-carbon investment.

“This seemingly weakened commitment risks impacting our standing on the global stage, at the exact monment we need to stand up and be counted.”

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