Sisters take the time to help others

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Two kind-hearted girls from Leighton Buzzard have worked hard for months to raise money for children in Yemen.

Asha, 10, and Jia, eight, Kirkpatrick were moved by the plight of the children of Yemen and decided to put their efforts into raising money for them.

They recycled old Christmas cards into gift tags and made reindeer food. They baked chocolate flapjacks, made mince pies and festive chocolates.

Their proud mother, Harvinder, said: “They did this on their own and peddled their wares on the street we live on. They raised £80 and we gave them a donation too, so the grand total they have raised was £150, which we passed on to the Save The Children appeal for Yemen.”

Mrs Kirkpatrick added: “It was Asha’s idea as I told her about someone at work in January asking for old Christmas cards so that she could recycle them into gift tags and sell them to raise money for charity.

“They started on this in February and have spent the odd afternoon doing this over eight months or so.

“Asha taught Jia and she sat patiently to learn what to do and was keen to get involved too. In November they decided to make some reindeer food, using a lot of porridge oats and glitter. I bought them some bags and they tried to make them look as neat as possible.

“They are keen bakers so they decided to make some mince pies and chocolate flapjacks. I was on hand to help as required, but they are reasonably self sufficient.”

They sold their goods to people living in the street, who were impressed with Asha and Jia’s efforts.

Mrs Kirkpatrick said: “Many of the neighbours are elderly and were genuinely touched by the girls’ efforts, and a number of them gave them £5 notes for a few mince pies. A side benefit was that we met a few new neighbours and many invited us in for a chat.

“I told the girls that we would match what they made and so we took the £80 total to £150. Asha made the donation online, with my help, as soon as we got home that day.

“I feel they have learnt a valuable lesson about the true meaning of Christmas as well as felt the glow of doing good for someone else.”