Six month album challenge is on the right track

Ed Watts performing
Ed Watts performing

A musician who decided to take on the challenge of writing an album in six months is halfway through writing his first single.

Ed Watts, 33, of Gibson Drive, began preparing for the challenge in June by saving the money to purchase the equipment for the home studio.

He aims to write and record 12 songs for the album by Christmas, he will be documenting his journey through his blog.

The musician, who describes his music as guitar based and often acoustic, has now purchased all the equipment for his studio, set up the blog and is halfway through the first song.

He said: “I have set up the home studio and I am part way through recording the first song, so I think it is all going very well.

“All the equipment I bought is working well and I am getting to grips with how it all works quite quickly.”

He believes he is on course for completing his challenge and recording an album by Christmas, he said: “Studying in my spare time for the degree has made me good at working all hours and hitting deadlines.

“It will be very difficult, but I will do it.”

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