Soulbury woman battling brain tumour touched by village’s kindness

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A Soulbury woman battling a brain tumour has been deeply touched by the kindness of her community – with volunteers taking her children to school while she undergoes radiotherapy.

Mum-of-two Nicole Phillips was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 after eight wrong diagnoses, before scans showed a tumour the size of an orange in her brain.

After surgical treatment, Nicole was devastated to learn in 2013 that the tumour had returned and was now inoperable due to its location. Since then, doctors have been monitoring it with regular MRI scans.

Nicole said: “Now it’s grown enough to have radiotherapy to shrink it. There will be 28 sessions in all, I’ve had to take time off work and I can’t drive while the treatment is ongoing.

“I’ve been really lucky with the Lions Club of Bletchley raising £300. My friend raised £500 and then my daughter also raised £400. The daily travel to London by train is so expensive.”

Volunteers in Soulbury and Leighton Buzzard have set up a weekly rota to drive Nicole to and from the train station, as well as transport her two daughters Megan and Ellen to school and back.

Nicole said: “How many communities would come together to arrange that?

“I’m very humbled. There’s no way to say it other than I’m extremely lucky and I’m humbled by the way everyone’s rallied around me.”

Nicole is travelling to London University College Hospital in Euston each day for the next four weeks. She has been given a fitted mask to wear during radiotherapy in order to keep her head still during treatment. Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to destroy tumour cells. The treatment is expected to shrink the tumour for ten years.

The Lions Club of Bletchley has donated £300 for Nicole, while other Lion Clubs in the UK have pledged to help raise £1million for brain tumour research.