Spring into the ritual of an overdue clear-out

Leighton Buzzard Writers’ weekly column. This week by Sarah Throgood...

As spring comes upon us and the weather (hopefully!) starts to finally warm up, many of us take the chance to leave the hole that we have been hibernating in since early November and have that long overdue clear-out.

Those Christmas presents that lay unwanted from three years before, the clothes that are out of fashion and no longer fit, and the handbags that won’t fit in the box in the wardrobe. The spring/summer fashions adorn the high street shop windows, but currently there is no space for anything else. Heaps are made as things are pulled out from the wardrobe, under the bed and wherever else you may have stuffed belongings.

There’s a pile for recycling, one for the charity shop and one for the bin. Who knew so much had been hidden away?

Out of sight, out of mind very much in force! But maybe try something different this time. A chance to try this ‘up- cycling’ that seems to be all the range now, transforming both furniture and clothes.

A good lick of paint or some alterations and your item looks like new, to keep or sell in one of these pop-up shops that are now appearing on our high streets. Even our small town has one, as well as a vintage shop, that will take those clothes that we’ve kept for far too long, but seemed to now to have come back into fashion. How times have changed.

Gone are the days when you just threw everything out that you no longer wanted. Charity shops are doing a roaring trade selling on books, CDs, clothes and knick knacks, but now second-hand seems to be the trendy way to be.

Workshops are on offer for us to try our own upcycling, not only as a way of renewing our old items, but also to save money. So get that clear out started and see what things you can discover and just think, you’ll have more room to store all those things you want to buy in the sale now!