St George’s Lower School celebrates 65 years in Leighton Buzzard with special exhibition tomorrow

St George's Lower School
St George's Lower School

St George’s Lower School is celebrating its 65th anniversary, as parents, old pupils and former teachers are invited to a special exhibition tomorrow.

The Leighton Buzzard school, situated on East Street, has gathered old photos, paper clippings and an old attendance book for the exciting exhibition, as the town is invited to step back in time and celebrate the school’s history.

Charlie Darbyshire, PTA member, said: “St George’s opened in September 1952 and used to be a county primary junior school for children aged seven to 11.

“The school now has around 100 pupils, but when it first opened it had over 300.

“At 3.30pm tomorrow the pupils will be looking round the exhibition with their parents and we’ve hopefully got some old St George’s teachers coming, too!

“The school is going to be building its history into the curriculum and this will continue until St George’s Day when we will be having a huge celebration!”

Headteacher, Marea Rawlings, and governor, Pam Skinner, will be attending the anniversary event, and guests are invited to sign in at the school’s reception (via East Street).

The exhibition is tomorrow, Friday, September 29, from 2.30pm - 4.30pm, in the school hall.