Still rocking - All Day and All of the Night

The Kast Off Kinks are coming to Dunstable's Grove Theatre on March 5
The Kast Off Kinks are coming to Dunstable's Grove Theatre on March 5

It’s almost five decades since John ‘Nobby’ Dalton joined the Kinks as a temporary replacement for bass guitarist Pete Quaife - and never really left.

They had hit after hit with catchy numbers such as Sunny Afternoon, You Really Got Me and Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

He’s as amazed as anyone that the band is back - albeit as the Kast Off Kinks – and enjoying such huge success.

Nobby credits Ray Davies’ iconic songs with the group’s seemingly ever-green popularity.

“We’re very, very lucky,” he admits. “They’re all good and we still get as much out of playing them as we ever did. It’s nice to be with the boys now.

“If you see people out front singing along and really enjoying themselves, it makes you smile. And what’s even more amazing it’s often young girls who know every word.

“We did 95 gigs last year. I’ve never worked so hard - if you can call standing on stage and doing something you love working. We still get such a buzz, it’s just wonderful.”

But he’s swapped the XJ6 Jaguar for something more sedate and admits Ray was shrewd because he “stayed out of all the naughtiness.

“We had a lot fun but now we put so much energy into the show we just go back to the hotel for a nice quiet pint.”

The band comprises original drummer Mike Avory, keyboard player Ian Gibbons who was with the group from 1976 to 1996 and former Beach Boy Dave Clarke.

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