Story of a redesigned trail for children

Leighton's Children's Trail
Leighton's Children's Trail

Leighton - Linslade Children’s Trail has been redesigned to appeal to younger children.

The new Children’s Trail materials, including the big blue paw prints around the town centre, have now been released to the public by Leighton–Linslade Town Council.

The new challenge-based activity maps and pencils are currently available from the library but will be rolled out to other locations in the community very shortly. Teacher’s packs have also been re-worked to help large groups make the most of the Trail.

The free public trail consists of 22 artworks celebrating children’s stories, for little people with big imaginations, to explore.

The ‘Guardian of the Trail’ has been working with the town council, to join up the trail experience and to raise its profile to a wider audience.

A launch to showcase the new branding and products took place at Children’s Trail stall at The Big Lunch event on June 7 where the new materials were handed out alongside badge and sticker making activities.

The Guardian said: “The trail, launched in 2012, is a great asset to the community. It’s free family fun, available all year round. Everybody knows, and loves the big yellow pencil, and many have spotted the yellow frogs on posts, but not everyone knows the trail in its entirety, and those who do, told us they had difficulty following the map.

“We re-imagined the user experience from a child’s perspective, and redesigned it to be much better suited to younger families.

“In fact the aim of the new activity maps is to get the children themselves counting the artworks and ticking off their progress as they read and solve the simplified clues.

“After filling in the missing letters and writing their names on the map with their own little yellow Children’s Trail pencil, they can take their map to The White House to collect their rewards.”

A new tear and share bookmark encourages children to share their experience with a friend and theme-based art cards allows them to show-off their own inspired creations – writing or drawing –on a new dedicated Children’s Trail wall in the library.

The Guardian maintains a vibrant Children’s Trail Facebook page, where families are encouraged to share their photos and experiences in return for book-based goodie bag prizes, and where they can also find information about local community activities, and national literacy and creative updates.

Find more information about the trail, competitions and the art card wall at