Talks start on controversial housing plan

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Louth news.

A meeting of Edlesborough Parish Council was held on Thursday to discuss plans by McCann Homes for two major developments in the village.

A campaign had been started by villagers against the plans to build 50 new homes in a field between Kingsmead and Chiltern Avenue.

Local people were also concerned about McCann Homes’ ongoing development at Manor Farm, where spoil from clearance of the site had apparently been buried in a field.

Edlesborough Parish Council chairman Alan Williams said: “The meeting went very well. The developers came along and outlined their very preliminary thoughts about the new development.

“I think the people who presented it have done their homework on the needs expressed by the residents.”

Andrew Inchbald, director at McCann Homes, who attended the meeting, said: “The village wants some affordable homes and we are abiding with the quota for affordable housing.

“We were planning to put some bungalows in and we’ve also had a request from parishioners to build some smaller houses so that young people in the village don’t have to move away.”

Spoil from the other site near Manor Farm, which had been buried in a field instead of being transported to a landfill, was being “unburied”, according to Mr Inchbald.

He added: “The process has started this morning. Somebody on site decided to save a bit of money by burying it, but it’s something that we can’t do.”

In spite of the smooth nature of the meeting, Cllr Williams said local people were far from giving a positive affirmationto the new project, which has not yet reached planning permission.

He said: “We’ve kept it non-confrontational, we just listened to what was being said.My concern is that whenever we develop a new site, there are natural habitats and potential archaelogical artefacts being disturbed.”

The development near Kingsmead is between two ancient monuments, the tithe barn and the old moat of the former monastery. The site at Manor Farm involves converting two old barns and building three new homes on site.

Mr Inchbald said: “We’re conscious of respecting the ancient monuments and archaeological potential on site.”

Edlesborough Parish Council recently opposed plans to build 30 new homes in a field off Cow Lane, which was given outline permission by Aylesbury Vale District Council last month.