Teaching assistant top of the class in GCSE French

Vandyke Upper School
Vandyke Upper School

A learning supervisor from Leighton Buzzard was awarded an A* in French after studying for a GCSE in the subject alongside pupils.

Lu Rae, 46, has worked at Vandyke Upper School for ten years and achieved close to top marks in her exams.

She said: “It felt fantastic when I got my results, I’m envious of the two students who slightly pipped me to the top!

“I’d love to go all the way and do a degree but the endgame is to speak French fluently.”

Mrs Rae was inspired to take classes in French as a refresher to help with covering classes in the subject.

But after a short time, remembering how to speak another language seemed a lot harder than first thought.

Unperturbed, Lu decided to step things up a notch and study for a GCSE.

She said: “It was really lovely learning alongside the students each morning.

“I covered French classes before, but now when I do it – it’s a totally different ball-game!”

Lu plans to study an A-level in French at Vandyke Upper next. She said: “It will be a much smaller group this time round and most of the students will have studied French before.”

The good news comes as pupils in Vandyke Upper School celebrate an impressive round of results. Headteacher Tim Carroll said: “Result are again pleasing this year. GCSE Science is especially pleasing and students have also done well in languages with best ever results in German (82% A*-C) and in French where 115 students sat GCSE.

“It was nice to have a staff member in the class with students, everybody benefited from this. Well done to Lu.”