The 12 strays of Christmas


The city’s RSPCa branch has put out a seasonal appeal for people willing to adopt one of their Twelve Strays of Christmas.

Branch volunteers have been rushed off their feet dealing with a record number of stray, sick and neglected cats throughout 2015.



They have picked a dozen of the most desperate felines in the hope that people will show festive goodwill and consider adoption.

Anybody interesting in adopting one of the twelve strays should call the Milton and North Bucks RSPCA on 01908 611179.

Can you give one of our 12 stray cats of Christmas a fur-ever home?

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me:



Rupert and Brie Meowing

Leo and Immy Purring

Joey playing

Donnert and Blitzen singing



Cassandra and Badger sleeping

Candy and Josh hunting

Jess playing with string

Hope eating tuna



Spice chasing mice

Wispa helping cooking

And Ebony being a beautiful lady


My name is Candy. I am 10 years old but very friendly. You can see from my ear that I have lived a bit and also have no teeth but that doesn’t stop me eating all the things I love. Here is my song: Candy toasting near an open fire, Some tinsel tickling my nose, my tummy full of Christmas Turkey and I’m laying across everybody’s toes. That my Christmas wish to have a home and family of my own, please make my dream come true.




My name is Immy, I am four years old and as you can see, I am very relaxed and have a huge smile on my face, doing my best pose for the photo shoot, I am calm and confident with people and other cats. I have written a song for you and hope to see you soon.

They’ve sold me a dream of a new home, they’ve sold me a lovely life. And they told me home life stories till I’m believing in a home for life. And I believe in a safe warm house where I can lay upside down with smiley eyes. Then I will wake you in the morn and whilst you yawn I will wash beside the fire.


Hi, my name is Leo, I am seven months old. I have not been in care for long and came in a very frightened little boy, I am calming down really well and learning to trust people again. My world turned upside down when my human mummy left and now I’m looking for a secure living home. I would be ok with older children but maybe no other pets. I’ve made a song for you: I’m looking for a home for Christmas and forever, Oh I can’t wait to see those faces who will love me, I’m looking for a home for Christmas. Well I’m moving up the line and although I’ve not been here long

I will get there soon you will see, so I sing this song to pass the time away

Until I can be with you, in my home for Christmas.


My name is Cassandra. I am 2 years old and know the ropes. I am very friendly with all and like other cats too. I have made a special song to sing you all: I would like to have myself a merry little Christmas and my heart be light from now on, My troubles will be out of sight. Through the years we will all live together, If the fates allow my adoption, then hang a shiny toy on the highest branch of the tree. And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.


Wispa is a beautiful girl aged around one year, she is incredibly sweet and loving but would need to be an only cat, she sends this song. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave me away.

This year to save me from tears, I’m looking for someone special. Once bitten, twice shy but if you give me love and cuddles I’ll be yours for life

Please give me the furrever home I need and I’ll love you forever.


Hi, my name is Rupert, I was found wandering around limping badly. Some lovely ladies at a place called “the vets” made my knee better. I will always have a limp now, just like Tiny Tim but unlike him I can round round just fine and don’t need crutches. They think I am about five years old and I am really happy with other people and cats, I have recently been with some kittens and my fosterer told me I was like a big kitten running round. I am hoping to find me furrever family really soon and have made this song for you:

Rupert the black nosed tuxedo, had a very wet and shiny nose

And if you come and meet me you will know that it glows

All of the other cats, laugh with him and play games

Rupert play with them all but he dreams

That one foggy day near Christmas time

His fosterer will say

Rupert with your nose so shiny

You have a brand new home, where your furrever hoomins

Will keep you safe and warm. Then all the other cats will cheer and shout with glee

Way to Go Rupert, you’ll go down in history


Hi. My name is Joey, I am ten years old and had to come into care when my older owner could no longer look after me, I am a friendly chap but used to being the only cat about the house. I am finding all this very confusing and looking forward to finding my furrever home very soon. Here is my song for you:

I’m dreaming of a warm sofa, just like the one I used to know

Where I can doze and dream of cuddles, ear scritches and tummy tickles

And make your lap one that I will know

I’m dreaming of a warm sofa, with every cat biscuit I bite

I hope our days can be merry and bright and I’m looking forward to coming into your life


My name is Badger. I am five months old and love everybody and everything. I’ve never had a real home of my own before so I don’t really know what to expect. The older cats have told me it’s fantastic and you feel a million dollars. I’ve never had that much money so don’t know what that feels like either. Anyway, it’s made me very excited to see you, whoever you are and this is my song to you:

Badger cat, badger cat, badger cat rock

Badger cat swing and Badger cat ring

Purring and Meowing and lots of fun

Now the Badger Cat hop has begun


Ebony is 5 years old, good with other cats, very friendly and sends this song (you might know the tune)

Does your granny always tell you

That rescue cats are the best

I’m very smart and have a white tuxedo for a vest

so here it is, make my Christmas

I want to have some fun

Look to my future now

It’s hopefully just begun.....


Hi, my name is Brie, I am two years old and I’ve been told that my name is a bit odd for a cat. I don’t mind. I am a happy lady, very content to be with people and other cats, I’m here with my tennis ball which I love to play with and would love to show my furrever hoomins how I play with it and how I like to cuddle. Here is my song for you:

In these frozen and silent nights, sometimes I dream of you and you appear

My furrever people, to love me and keep me warm and full of cheer

My paws were waving and your hands are singing, it is christmastime

2000 miles, is very far through the snow, I’m waiting here for you, wherever you go


Hi my name is Spice, I’m a one year old boy looking for a home. I am very friendly and good with other cats. Here is my song for you

Santa baby, slip some tuna under the tree for me

Been an awful good boy this year Santa baby

So hurry send a family for me

Think of all the fun I’ve missed

Think of all the laps and cuddles I’ve missed

Next year it would be so brill if you could send a family for me, Santa baby


Hi. My name is Joshua, Josh for short, I am a lovely happy and friendly boy who gets along with everybody. I’m going to put my best singing voice on for you all. Here goes

When the hoomins come to view, well they might just like to know

They put a great big cheesy smile on my face

So if they adopt me, I will be in ecstasy

They’ll sing their paw print in black and white and take me home that night

Why don’t you give me a home for Christmas (and forever)