The biggest pumpkin Leighton has ever seen?

Jack Hillyer and his pumpkin
Jack Hillyer and his pumpkin
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A keen gardener has certainly got in the Hallowe’en spirit by growing what could be the biggest pumpkins Leighton has ever seen!

Jack Hillyer, 87, grew three large pumpkins from seeds left over from last year and was amazed by their gargantuan growth.

Jack Hillyer and his pumpkin

Jack Hillyer and his pumpkin

The retired decorator wheeled them to Boots on the High Street as they were too big to weigh at home. The largest came in at 5st 11lbs with the second weighing 4st 3lbs.

Jack’s daughter, Linda Eggleton said: “He’s had an allotment for 30-odd years and used to win prizes in a lot of shows.

“He just grows pumpkins now for fun to give away to people, but these were enormous!

“He said with the mild weather they ‘ve just grown and grown.

“When we took them into Boots, you should have seen people’s faces! They were too heavy to lift.”

The first pumpkin was kept by the family as a special Hallowe’en treat and carved in spooky fashion. It adorned Linda’s window until Monday.

She said: “Lots of children will have been amazed when they went past!”

Meanwhile the second pumpkin was donated to the Brooklands Club on Garden Leys, who also had it proudly displayed.

This year saw a shortage of pumpkins in the UK after wet weather caused thousands to rot. But not in Leighton,

Soon, Jack will be taking the seeds from the pumpkins to grow for next year. Whether that batch grows even bigger remains to be seen.

Linda added: “We’re so proud of him!”