This Saturday: Get your bike security marked for free as Dorvics Leighton Buzzard crack down on theft

(L-R) Dan Neil, of Dorvics Cycles, and PCSO Rachel Carne.
(L-R) Dan Neil, of Dorvics Cycles, and PCSO Rachel Carne.

A Leighton Buzzard bicycle shop is on a mission to crack down on theft, as it teams up with Bedfordshire Police to help customers keep their possessions safe.

Dorvics Cycles, Bridge Street, are being visited by PCSO Rachel Carne on Saturday, December 9, where she will be adding security marks to customers’ bikes for free.

The aim is to crack down on bike theft in the town, something both Dorvics and Bedfordshire Police are concerned about.

Barry Fitz-Patrick, store manager, said: “The security mark is a unique number fixed to the bike in such a way that it can’t be removed. It is difficult to get at and not clearly noticable by anyone.

“At least two or three people come into the shop each week, asking ‘have you seen my bike?’ or they bring their bikes in because wheels and pedals have been taken.

“The initiative the police are trying to tackle is a big one and they’ve appointed Rachel to champion the cause.”

PCSO Carne will be at the shop from 10am - 2pm and on the day she is at the store, anyone having their bike security marked can receive a 10 per cent discount on security and safety related accessories.

PSCO Carne said: “I would like to invite residents to come by and have a chat about keeping your property secure during holiday season.

“Although security marking your bike won’t prevent it being stolen, it does increase the chances of it being handed back to you if it is recovered after being stolen.

“In some cases security marking can act as a deterrent to thieves, as re-selling stolen goods which have been property marked is more difficult.”

The LBO bets Father Christmas thinks that it’s a good idea, too!

The staff at Dorvics Cycles have also compiled a list of handy tips for LBO readers to help reduce bike thefts in the town.

Points include:

- Make sure you have a good quality security chain/lock

- Ensure you thread the security chain through your bike’s frame and both wheels

- Secure your bike to a fixed structure

- If possible leave your bike in view of a CCTV camera

- Record the serial number of your bike

- Take a photo of your bike

- Do not leave any “eye catching” equipment/gadgets on your bike, such as lights, milometers, water bottles, bike bags etc.

Barry said: “If anyone has had their bike stolen, but do not want to buy a new one at the moment, if they provide us with a description of the bike we are happy to use this to help spot anyone trying to sell on your bike to us.

“We have been surprised at how many people have had their cycle stolen locally, particularly at the rail station.

“We offer 15 per cent off a new bike if victims of this crime produce a crime reference number at the shop.”