Three youths with screwdriver caught snooping around Leighton Buzzard house

A Leighton Buzzard couple were left shocked this morning as three youths with gloves and a screwdriver were caught snooping around their property on CCTV.

Jack Dean, 69, who lives in Columba Drive with his wife, Bernice, 65, was alerted by a ringing notification on his phone at 3.59am (Thursday, October 19) telling them that someone was near their side door.

Jack's CCTV footage

Jack's CCTV footage

The couple’s doorbell, which has a camera and motion sensor in it, had filmed the three youths coming out of their back garden gate, immediately sending the footage to Jack’s phone with a loud notification, as well as ringing in the house.

Jack said: “My phone went and I immediately switched it on, as it automatically receives it (camera footage).

“There were three youths and one of them was with a big screwdriver and straight away held his hand up.

“You can see one face very clearly.

Jack and Bernice

Jack and Bernice

“My wife turned all the lights on, trying to look out the window, but couldn’t see anybody, and I sent the video to Bedfordshire Police.

“When the doorbell started ringing inside the house, I think that’s why they started to cover their faces up.

“We’re just a bit concerned that three low life youths like that - well they looked like youths - were walking round at night with a screwdriver and gloves!”

Jack believes that youths had climbed over his back garden fence and then tried to exit through the back gate past the side door, otherwise the doorbell camera and sensor would also have caught them entering the garden.

Jack added: “They were hanging around our street at 4am and obviously my wife is quite upset.

“At the top of our close we are quite vulnerable, as we back onto the brook. But we are a close little community - everyone tells each other what’s going on.

“My wife spoke to our neighbours this morning but no-one else saw anything.

“She’s always criticised me for being Mr gadget man - but not this time!”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman, said: “At around 5.24am this morning (October 19) we received a report of a burglary at a property in Columbia Drive, Leighton Buzzard, where three people were reportedly seen in the garden of the property.

“When we received the call, the people had left the property. Therefore, an appointment has been scheduled to visit the victims later this week.

“We have received CCTV from the victims, and after speaking to them to obtain some further details, officers will begin an investigation and will look at CCTV as part of their enquiries.

“Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 38 of 19 October.”