Tony’s novella approach to recasting old film classics

Author Tony Drury
Author Tony Drury

Author Tony Drury has set about penning a series short, nostalgic novels.

Novella Nostalgia is inspired by some memorable film classics – including Breakfast at Tiffany’s from 1961 and its iconic star, Audrey Hepburn.

Tony’s tale, called ‘Lunch With Harry’, transfers the tale of Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly to Regent Street, London, in 2016.

Hepburn is recreated in the shape of Dr Ella van Houten who has stood on a man’s foot. Ella was imagining that she was Holly Golightly in the romantic film.

The novella tells how they begin a relationship which is dominated by Ella’s uncanny reprise of Holly’s quirky and insecure nature and Harry’s guilt over the loss of his wife.

Their differing personalities dominate this fast moving story which takes in London, Europe and lunches with Harry. The ending produces a moment of pure cinema as Ella and Harry fight against the seemingly insurmountable obstacle which threatens their future together.

The second story in the series is ‘Twelve Troubled Jurors’ with echoes of ‘12 Angry Men’. Publication is scheduled for this month. This will be followed by ‘Forever on Thursdays’ which hints at ‘Brief Encounter’.

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Tony, 70, a corporate financier, formerly lived in Redwood Glade, before recently moving to Bedford, published his first book in 2012.