End to free parking for electric cars at Leighton Buzzard train station

Leighton Buzzard train station car park
Leighton Buzzard train station car park

Free parking for electric cars is to be phased out at Leighton Buzzard train station over the next four years.

Until now, West Midlands Trains has offered free parking for electric vehicles at the train station in a bid to encourage environmentally friendly transport.

But the company has announced that as of June 17, electric vehicles are subject to a 50% discount for two years. After this, from June 2021 to June 2023, the discount will be cut to 25%.

Elsewhere, vehicles with low CO2 emissions are subject to a 50% discount as of June, but this discount will be cut entirely after June 2021.

One commuter told the LBO: "I have considered getting an electric car for the free parking but this development makes that no longer worthwhile.

"The parking charges are already ridiculously high at over £8 per day for most users.

"This seems like a further money-grab and is a terrible reflection on the station’s environmental credentials."

A West Midlands Trains spokesman said: "Free parking for electric vehicles was offered as an incentive for people to opt for greener modes of transport, and electric cars have been continuing to grow in popularity.

"Offering free parking for this increased use permanently is just not sustainable, and so we are phasing in the introduction of charges over the coming years.

"However, there will be still be a significant discount for electric car users parking at the station."