‘Faulty’ parking app fiasco drags on at Leighton Buzzard train station

Train station carpark PNL-190513-121604001
Train station carpark PNL-190513-121604001

A woman has been threatened with a debt collection letter after reporting faults with the new app for parking at Leighton Buzzard train station.

Sarah Shields spoke to the LBO on May 14 to report payment problems with the new parking app by company Saba – which manages the car park.

At the time, Mrs Shields said: “I used Saba’s new app, and when I got back later that day I had a ticket. There was no notification to tell me that the payment had failed.

“I drove away and saw that eight or nine other cars also had tickets. This was quite late in the evening!”

After attempting to challenge Saba to release details of the number of cars ticketed, Mrs Shields has now been sent a debt collection letter.

She stated: “I’ve had no further commentary from Saba at all... Only the debt collector’s letter.

“It seems they now want £170 from me – despite the original ticked stating the fine would increase to £125.

“This company is a complete nightmare.”

Another customer, Alex Todd, reported that the app divided the car park into two locations – adding further confusion for commuters.

He said: “It appears that the parking company have created two separate car parks on their mobile app – rather than the one previously – and therefore make it very unclear as to which car park is which.

“If you park in the ‘wrong’ car park, you receive a ticket.

“This is irrespective of whether you have paid – which I did and provided evidence of.

“I have also seen many more cars than usual with tickets on their windscreens.”

Saba have declined to answer questions put to them by the LBO, despite repeated requests.

A spokesman from the company stated: “In addition to our app, tickets can be purchased using the website, or ticket machines at the station.

“Customers who receive a penalty notice can appeal through the online portal, details of which are on the reverse of any notice issued.”

> Have you been affected by problems with Saba’s new app? Contact the LBO on 07860 531504 or email news@lbobserver.co.uk.