Parking free-for-all... except for residents paying for permits!

Parking on Station Road
Parking on Station Road

Residents who pay for the privilege of parking on their own street have voiced their anger after a council failed to replace missing signage.

For 18 months, the parking permit sign on one side of Station Road, Linslade, has been missing – causing the road to become jammed with parked cars from non-residents.

And it is angering permit holders who cannot get parked.

One woman told the LBO: “Basically, we’re now at a loss as to what to do. We are paying to park on our road, but we can’t. I’ve been complaining to the council about it since June last year.”

Although yellow lines have been since been repainted, the missing signage has yet to be replaced.

The resident added: “I’ve come home from work and had to park 15 minutes walking distance from my home.”

A Central Beds Council spokesman said: “The missing signs in Leighton will be replaced as part of a CBC wide sign and line refresh programme which started in the previous financial year and will continue until we have replaced everything that we are aware of”.