Restrictions on busy road up for debate


Proposals to put double yellow lines on a busy stretch of Woburn Road in Heath and Reach have drawn objections from the community.

Local business owners have suggested that placing the lines could have a detrimental impact on them.

Gloria Bond, of Chapel Flooring, said: “This basically means that the houses in Woburn Road will not have anywhere to park their cars, and the businesses will not be able to allow customers or delivery drivers to park outside.”

In response to this objection, a report by Central Beds Highways said none of the businesses on Woburn Road would face the lines directly, and that loading and unloading of vehicles would still be permitted.

Other objections from residents were that double yellow lines would be “unsightly” and result in higher traffic speeds.

But the report responded that as the lines would only be for 41 metres, this was unlikely to result in a major increase in speed. It recommended approval be given.

A decision will be reached tomorrow (Tuesday) at a Central Beds Council Community Services meeting for traffic regulations.