Resurfacing work scheduled in for the summer in Leighton Buzzard’s Grovebury Road

Leighton Buzzard’s Grovebury Road is scheduled for resurfacing work this summer.

The length between Chartmoor Road roundabout and the substation will be the subject of a road closure between July 4 and 16 (6pm to 6am) to allow the repairs to take place.

Grovebury Road potholes

Grovebury Road potholes

Increasing numbers of residents have contacted the LBO and also taken to social media to vent their frustrations at the state of the road in recent times, with allegations that the potholes pose a threat and have damaged vehicles.

One woman told us: “It’s a nightmare. If you come out of the industrial estate head towards Chartmoor Road roundabout, the cars are shaking so badly.

“It’s very, very scary. Lorries tend to slow down but if you’re not used to the area the holes can do some real damage.

“A lot of us were saying how dangerous it is for cars, especially in the winter.”

Last year CBC stated it was aware of the condition of the road but the potholes weren’t deep enough to require immediate attention.

It did deploy its Jetpatcher machine to repair some defects last June.