‘There will be a fatality soon’

Lisa Jacobs has called for the speed limit on Hockcliffe Road to be reduced to 20mph
Lisa Jacobs has called for the speed limit on Hockcliffe Road to be reduced to 20mph

A mother has appealed for a 20mph speed limit on a Leighton road after she narrowly avoided being hit by a car.

Lisa Jacobs, of Hockliffe Road, was lucky to emerge unscathed when she got in her car outside her home, as moments later her vehicle was struck by a motorist attempting to avoid a car allegedly speeding on the opposite side of the road.

The incident came a month after her car was struck by a allegedly speeding van driver, who failed to stop before travelling out of town.

Following the collisions the mother-of-two has created a petition with neighbour Issy Webster-Norton to ask for the speed limit on Hockliffe Road to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph.

Lisa told the LBO: “I was lucky to have been inside the car and not stood next to the car or it could have been a very different outcome – and extremely lucky that my children were not with me.

“It is a bit alarming, I shouldn’t have to be nervous every time I come out of my house and need to cross the road to get to my car. Lots of other people have spoken to the council in the past about this and nothing has happened. It has reached the stage where something needs to be done as there will be a fatality.”

Central Beds Council confirmed it would investigate the possibility of a 20mph limit.

Cllr Brian Spurr, executive member for community services, said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns about Hockliffe Road, and our engineers will be visiting the site next Monday to review conditions there, before identifying possible traffic-calming measures on the back of that review.

“Traffic-calming needs to carried out to allow 20mph to be introduced there.”