UPDATED: London Midland agreeds to investigate Leighton Buzzard train capacity issues

Leighton Buzzard Railway Station
Leighton Buzzard Railway Station

South West Beds MP, Andrew Selous, has asked London Midland managing director Patrick Verwer to investigate how many available seats there are for Leighton Buzzard commuters in relation to the number of season ticket holders from the town.

In recent days the 7.07, 7.27, 7.40, 8.07 and 9.33 trains have all been advertised as standing room only when they arrive at Leighton Buzzard station. A season ticket to Euston now costs over £5,000 a year.

Mr Selous said: “I have had concerns put to me that other stations further up the line are being given preferential treatment over Leighton Buzzard and I want this to be investigated.

“I am looking forward to seeing the analysis that London Midland have agreed to undertake.

“I am also concerned at the length of time Siemens is taking to repair the trains damaged in the Watford collision and I have written to the Rail Minister to ask that faster maintenance and repair be part of future contract conditions within the rail industry.

“It is not acceptable for it to take a year to repair damaged trains when commuters are suffering so much inconvenience.”

A London Midland spokesman said “ We have had a very productive discussion with Andrew Selous. Leighton Buzzard rail users have been badly affected by September’s landslip which meant we lost two of the ten new trains we introduced two years ago. We are working hard to find replacement carriages and hope to announce our plans shortly.”

A spokesman for Siemens said of the ongoing landslip impact: “These two trains have been damaged significantly in an unfortunate infrastructure incident at the Watford tunnel and the repair is currently being undertaken in full.

“This is a bespoke repair, which takes time, including redesign of parts of the body shell and specific manufacturing processes.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to commuters and aim to have those two trains safely back in service as soon as possible.”

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