Valley Farm’s future relies on Local Plan

Valley Farm land, west of Linslade
Valley Farm land, west of Linslade

While campaigners fighting against plans to build on Valley Farm had reason to celebrate last week, questions remain if this is the end of tug-of-war between residents and house builders.

Following the Planning Inspectorate’s rejection of Paul Newman Homes’s appeal to build 300 homes on site to the west of Linslade, the land is still open to potential development in the future.

Cllr Clive Palmer said: “I’m delighted on behalf of residents of Linslade and all those who spent so much of their time trying to resist this particular planning application.

“I myself joined the proceedings during the appeal, and I would estimate I spent around 40 hours preparing documentation. I think we were all very pleased with the outcome.”

“From our point of view, it was a very good report and we were pleased to see that many of the points raised were things also brought up by the previous inspector.

“When you’re dealing with something like landscape, of course it’s relevant that the landscape doesn’t change!”

Preventing future applications to build on Valley Farm is dependent upon its land classification and campaigners are keen to see it reclassified as green belt land by Aylesbury Vale District Council in their next Local Plan.

Cllr Palmer added: “It’s going through various processes at the moment towards its adoption in AVDC’s Local Plan.”