VIDEO: Footage of the solar eclipse above Linslade

More readers have been getting in touch following the solar eclipse which took place on Friday morning.

Tom Daly sent us photographs taken through his home-made telescope at his home in Derwent Road, Linslade and also shot a video of the action unfolding.

Tom Daly eclipse photo 20/3/15

Tom Daly eclipse photo 20/3/15

He said: “I was lucky enough to have my scope ready, just as the clouds thinned to expose the maximum eclipse around 9.32am.

“I designed and made my telescope as a six-inch folded refractor. This gives minimum length with good quality of image. I use it for terrestrial use, such as bird photography and occasional view of the moon and planets.” See our website for Tom’s video too.

Fellow reader David Kirkpatrick added: “I didn’t think I was going to see the partial solar eclipse due to the overcast sky.

“After dropping the kids off to school, walking back home it didn’t look promising! However after seeing a solar eclipse in Australia in 2002, and the last one in the UK in 1999, I knew it was still an eerie experience worth watching.

David Kirkpatrick's photo

David Kirkpatrick's photo

“So at 9.20am my wife and I decided to walk down to the water meadows at the back of our house in Leighton Buzzard. We didn’t even get that far, as right outside our front door we could see the eclipse taking place, masked partially with clouds. If anything the clouds improved the view and you could easily see the sun.

“As I was so close to my house, I rushed in and got my tripod out to record the spectacle. It was still weird watching the birds flying around not sure whether to retire to their nest or fly off somewhere. Certainly one of those memorable moments that doesn’t happen very often!”

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