VIDEO: Ice and snow can’t put skids on daredevil event

A group of 30 daredevil microlight pilots took part in the maddest aviation event of the year at the weekend - the annual Icicle Fly-in.

It involves members flying to a previously selected location to camp overnight on the first sub-zero weekend of the year.

One of the planes that landed ay Hombleck Farm Airfield in the annual Icicle Fly-in wk 3 bc

One of the planes that landed ay Hombleck Farm Airfield in the annual Icicle Fly-in wk 3 bc

Holmbeck Farm Airfield, just outside Wing, played host to the adventurous airmen - some of whom arrived by road as their home airports were closed by the weather.

Local businessman Graham Mountford, himself a pilot and the LBO’s ‘Eye-in-the-sky’ correspondent was on the ground guiding them in alongside airfield owner Bob Perkins of Burcott.

He said: “We were delighed to welcome such intrepid flyers to Wing.

“Bob and his partner Rita kept them well supplied with tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches while other local pilots who operate from the airfield were also on hand to help them make the most of the weekend.”
He added: “Pilots and passengers soon headed for the Cock Pub where they enjoyed a nice meal and something to strengthen them for the night ahead - they flew in safely but the risky bit was camping out overnight in freezing conditions.”

Graham – proud owner of a Cessna 210 six-seater long distance tourer – said some of the aircraft were relatively conventional with closed cockpits, but others were open to the elements.

He explained: “Their pilots wear special triple-insulated flying suits and gloves, but it is still only for the really committed.

“Microlighting is a fairly low cost hobby and pilots come from a wide range of backgrounds. They share a great camaraderie, resulting in social events like this. Fly-ins are common – but this is unique.”