VIDEO: ‘Police fish man out of my pond’

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A family in Leighton were stunned when police caught a wanted man hiding in their fishpond.

Colin Usher and his wife were sitting down to dinner on the evening of Tuesday October 28 when they found themselves caught up in the bizarre police stake out.

Mr Usher, of Billington Road, said: “We heard a lot of noise and commotion out the back and then a very loud hammering on the front door.

“When I answered it, I was taken aback to be confronted by a policewoman. She said, ‘a man’s jumped over the wall into your back garden.’

“I led them through the house into the back, it was very cold and dark and you couldn’t really see anything.”

Mr Usher helped police in their search by providing a torch after their own stopped working.

Several minutes went by with no trace of the missing man anywhere in the garden.

In spite of the unusual situation, Mr Usher said he wasn’t unduly concerned, being reassured by the police presence.

He said: “Nothing was happening and then, all of a sudden, the policewoman shouted, ‘he’s in the pond!’”

“The torchlight went straight to the pond and within seconds, a policeman shot on to the decking, whipped him out and he was standing dripping from head to foot.”

Police led the man away through the family’s driveway, leaving the Ushers puzzled about the strange scenario.

Mr Usher said: “It’s very bizarre. He probably thought the pond went some way under the decking, because I designed it to look that way.

“It’s only afterwards, you wonder about what he’d done and why police were there.”

> A man had been charged on two counts of assault by beating.