VIDEO: Watch Cedars teachers being gunged during full-filled charity Help Week

Cedars Help Week 2017
Cedars Help Week 2017

Cedars Upper School staged its annual fun-packed Help Week and raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes in the process.

The Linslade pupils and staff were supporting four charities as they held a variety of themed days, shows and activities.

Cedars Help Week 2017

Cedars Help Week 2017

Teacher gunging, I’m a Cedars Student Get Me Out of Here!, an assault course, crossbar challenge, penalty shoot-out, a drag race, face painting, dressing up days, Cedars Un-Dateables, and Cedars Talent Show Uncut were some of the crazy antics the school got up to.

Each House also did collections for charity through shoe boxes, clothes, school in a bag and a food bank.

The money raked in, which is hoped will top £6,000 once counted, will go to:

> Solving Kids’s Cancer, which supports children and families affected by neuroblastoma (rare form of paediatric cancer),

Cedars Help Week 2017

Cedars Help Week 2017

> The Disasters Emergency Committee

> Mind, the mental health charity

> Brake, the road safety charity

On the Friday morning the company McGee came in to do an assembly to the Sixth Form about Brake, which it currently has a corporate partnership with and has pledged to donate all funds raised throughout the year to them. They also brought Brake’s charity tipper truck down to the school too.

Cedars Help Week 2017

Cedars Help Week 2017

Here are a couple of reports compiled by students on two of the activities...

Celebration Day

And so the final day arrives. The yearly, Celebration Day. Often anticipated for the hilarious costumes and shows but also the moving and great performances.

The conga started around 5 minutes into breaktime, bustling through the block two area and all around the school. A sea of costumes were on show, from Star Wars to Disney, and even Spongebob. It was an amazing sign of unity and togetherness in these times. Many of the teachers had even dressed up!

Lunchtime was greeted by an energetic santa, guiding us through the many acts on display in the talent show. Beef was finally settled between two rivaling departments, with Mrs Parkes representing English through uses of complex rhyming schemes and Mr Douglas defending science with a masterful lyrical and chemical combination.

He did however, need a bit of support, bringing on his class to back him up in a parody of “Shut Up”. Mr Douglas took it home for science, but lost it to a draw in the Sixth Form show.

Humour and Real Issues were combined in the fantastic parody song “Budget Cuts”, performed by a group of year 10’s adamant about changing the state of our education system.

Mr Berrisford brought on his soothing voice for a charming performance of “Come Fly with Me”, and Smooth synchronized steps helped the Backstreet Boys tribute act to woo over the audience, being the final act to grace the stage. Before ending the day best costume awards were handed out, with a homemade tank and a Che Guevara shirt picking up like La La Land at the oscars.

And Help Week came to an end. The shows were entertaining, the costumes marvelous and the fundraising generous. Til next year!


During lunchtime on Thursday 23rd November, 2 teams of Cedars students, lead by members of staff Mr Haycock and Mr Pantling, competed in food based challenges. The show was presented by Pranav and Ellie, who put on a great show.

The first challenge was a relay, each team had a plate of cocktail sausages, one member had to run up to the table and eat 18 sausages before they could switch, the first team to finish all of the sausage were the winners of that round. Mr Haycock’s team had a good start, and sped through the first through members, as did Mr Pantlings team. However, towards the end of the round Mr Haycocks team began to slow, allowing Mr Pantlings team to take the victory.

The second hallenge was a Pizza eating challenge, Each team had a plate of pizza slices which they needed to demolish in the fastest time. Members from both teams took different approaches, some eating one slice at a time, and others shoving 3 or 4 slices in at once! Overall Mr Pantling’s team had the best technique and took the win.

The third challenge was a slightly sickening one to watch, one member from each team had to drink a 2 Litre bottle of coke in the fastest time. From the start Mr Haycock’s team managed to drink the bottle in under a minute whereas Mr Pantling’s team struggled to even finish the bottle of Coke.

The next challenge was one for both teachers, they each had a large cup full of marshmallows, where they needed to fit as many in their mouth as possible. Although Mr Haycock’s technique of putting as many in at once worked at first, Mr Pantling won the challenge by fitting of the marshmallows in in the fastest speed.

This meant, with one challenge to go both teams had equal wins, so it was all to play for in the final challenge. This was another relay where each team member would fun to the table eat two cupcakes and then swap, both teams were relatively even throughout this challenge, but Mr Haycock’s team pulled through to win this final round, meaning it was a victory for the Haycock’s team!

Overall this show received great reviews from students and staff, so a big well done to all the people who were part of putting on such a great show and raising money for charity.