Warning after food fire causes house blaze

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Firefighters had to gain entry up scaffolding to a house in Leighton Buzzard yesterday after a cooker was left on causing a serious fire.

Fire Control received a call at 9.55 on Tuesday morning ,12 April, from a member of the public about the smell of burning outside the house in Plantation Road, Leighton Buzzard.

When Firefighters from Leighton Buzzard Community Fire Station arrived they investigated the situation, seeking the source of the fire. The house, which was undergoing building work, had scaffolding outside and firefighters used a ladder to gain access to the property through a first floor window before discovering there was a fire in the ground floor kitchen.

They then began to fight the blaze, wearing breathing apparatus to protect themselves from smoke and fumes, using a fire hose together with a thermal imaging camera to locate the seat of the fire. After it was extinguished they used positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke from the building.

The fire was started accidentally by cooking left on the cooker while the house was empty. The incident was closed at 11.13am.

Borough Commander South, Ade Yule said, “In this case the householders were lucky someone called the Fire Service and we were able to enter the house without forcing entry. But if we had not been alerted to the fire it would have been much worse and we would also had to force our way into the house to fight the fire and protect neighbouring buildings. Also we did not know if someone was present in the house and possibly overcome by smoke.

“Our message here is always check your cooker and any other kitchen appliance is switched off before leaving the kitchen and do not leave the house.”