Waterbabies disbanded across the area

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A Waterbabies swimming class at Mentmore Golf Club has disbanded and spread out across other pools in Bedfordshire because of the club’s closure.

The class was no longer able to use the facilities at the Golf Club when it ceased trading unexpectedly last month.

Tamsin Brewis, of Waterbabies, said: “We were contacted by email to say that the golf club had been closed due to financial reasons, so we sent all our members to other pools.

“As a result they are still able to do the splashathon and classes.”

It has recently been announced that the troubled club has been purchased by newly-formed company, Mentmore Golf Corporate Limited, backed by previous owner, Simon Halabi.

Details of the deal have yet to be released as club members wait for the company to reveal its plans.

Tamsin added: “We will look at talking to the new owners and hopefully go back to Mentmore Golf Club and use the swimming pool.

“I hope we can go back and start the classes again.”