Wedding guests nick church intruder

All smiles: Mikey and a Bedfordshire Police officer
All smiles: Mikey and a Bedfordshire Police officer

A horrified groom thought his wedding day would be ruined, as he turned up at the church to find an intruder detained outside by his guests.

But it was just the start of a catalogue of mishaps for Mikey Smith and his bride Leila Moore.



Mikey, of Spoondell, had arrived early to meet the photographer at St Giles Church, Totternhoe, on the day of his wedding, on May 6.

But he was greeted by some of the wedding party who had detained a man who had broken into the church.

Leila said: “My dad, Ronnie Fenn, and the photographer had arrived to find the reverend who told them that she thought someone was inside the church. The pair of them went in and a man appeared.

“They called the police who said to keep the church empty until they arrived to gather evidence and take statements.

The happy couple

The happy couple

“Mikey arrived to find our photographer, Paul Bowen-James, and friend, John Christian, helping to restrain the man before the police arrived, while surprised guests were ushered into the church hall.

“Mikey was panicking - he was supposed to be getting married in 45 minutes!”

Luckily, Bedfordshire Police arrived and arrested the man, carrying out a quick forensic search before the wedding ceremony.

But the couple’s problems had only just begun, as Reverend Janet Spicer said she had not received their vital Banns certificate from Priory Church, and she could not legally marry them without it.

Logan and Leila

Logan and Leila

The certificate was located in Dunstable just in time for the arrival of a confused bride.

“Mikey rang my mum, Kerry, who was at the hotel with me and said we couldn’t get married without a certificate. That’s when the pandemonium broke out at our end!”

Leila decided that, if she couldn’t get married, the couple could have a blessing instead and “still have a party!”

But the couple were given the go-ahead just in time and Leila said: “As soon as I walked into church and looked at Mikey, it was just me and him.”

Logan, Leila, and her dad, Ronnie

Logan, Leila, and her dad, Ronnie

After the eventful wedding though there was to be one more hiccup...

Leila said: “Guests were saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to and Logan, my eight-year-old son who has Down’s Syndrome, was an absolute star.

“However, later that evening, my mum had to take my other son, Max, who’s nearly one, to Luton and Dunstable Hospital because he had gastroenteritis!

“She’d said he was tired before they left, but didn’t tell us what happened until she came to our hotel room with Max that following morning!”

Luckily, Max has made a full recovery and the couple are off on their honeymoon to Kefalonia, Greece, in July, before hiring a caravan thanks to local charity, Kids In Action, and going on a family holiday to Haven, Caister.

Mikey, 29, proposed to Leila, 32, in 2015 during a spa weekend after seeing Ed Sheeran live at Wembley. Mikey is a lorry driver and Leila is a district nurse.

They are completing a ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge this weekend to raise funds for Kids in Action.

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A police spokesman said a man from Dunstable has been charged with criminal damage and bailed pending a further court appearance later this month.