‘Who has dumped these Mercedes in Camberton Road?’

The dark blue Mercedes
The dark blue Mercedes

Camberton Road residents have been left fed up after two Mercedes were allegedly “dumped” in their street.

The first car, a Silver Mercedes, is claimed to have been left in one of the street’s laybys since July 2016, while the second car, a dark blue Mercedes, was “dumped” five months ago near the street entrance, taking up a “potential parking space” for Linslade residents.

The silver Mercedes

The silver Mercedes

One resident claimed: “The silver car has been there for a year now – we’re going to get some balloons out and celebrate its birthday!

“The cars don’t appear to have insurance or to have had an MoT, and we have no idea who owns them. They’ve just been dumped here. Will tax payers foot the removal cost?”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman said: “CBC officers have reviewed the silver Mercedes and do not deem it abandoned; we will not be removing it.

“There is a known owner for this car. The council is unable to enter into disputes regarding vehicles being left parked in certain locations.

“The blue Mercedes has been claimed by the owner; the council will liaise with the owner and discuss options for the free removal service the council officers for end of life vehicles. The abandoned vehicle legislation enables the removal of vehicles left dumped in the open air; this incorporates numerous factors when reviewing a vehicle.

“Untaxed vehicles are dealt with by the DVLA and can be reported on their online portal. Vehicles used unlawfully, including being driven on the highway without the relevant MoT/insurance can be reported to the police.

“The value of the metal and materials recovered from the scrap vehicle is offset against the cost of the recovery, decontamination and destruction of the vehicle.”

CBC could not confirm whether the cars had insurance or an MoT certificate.