Why CHUMS needs your help

CHUMS spokeswoman Sue Clarke
CHUMS spokeswoman Sue Clarke

CHUMS, the charity that started to help bereaved children, now has a much wider brief.

Its fundraising target has doubled in the past year to £240,000 to cover the increased number of services it offers – and it’s appealing for your help in meeting this goal.

Spokeswoman Sue Clarke said: “We’re much more reliant on the community to support us since we launched several new services and have had some funding withdrawn.

“We now offer an emergency suicide response for the whole of Bedfordshire and have extended our trauma service to include sexual abuse and support for young witnesses to domestic violence.

“We also have a recreational therapeutic programme for children who find traditional talking therapies difficult and have taken over a disability friendship scheme at Lea Manor.

“In addition funding for our vital neonatal bereavement service has been withdrawn.”

> If you can help go to www.chums.uk.com/give/