Why has Parson’s Rec turned purple?!

The crocus bulbs  in Parsons Close Rec
The crocus bulbs in Parsons Close Rec

The Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade is continuing to help the worldwide fight against Polio and this year in celebration the club has planted hundreds of purple crocus bulbs in Parsons Close Recreation Ground to highlight the issue but also for the enjoyment of the public.

Whilst Rotary is the conduit for supporting the fight against Polio the finance is all down to the generous support of the people in the Leighton-Linslade community, who turn out and support Rotary at events like May Fayre and the annual firework display.

This year’s Rotary President Ian Summerfield said: “ We have recently donated £1,500 to the ongoing fight against Polio and it is through donations like this that in the last year the International Community has been able to reduce the number of reported Polio case worldwide to two in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan. Rotary together with the other agencies aim to keep up the pressure and finally and forever eradicate Polio. “Our thanks to the people of Leighton -Linslade for allowing us to be part of this wonderful venture, please do visit the crocuses and enjoy the purple splash in our Park.”

The Rotary Club also wish to thank the town council for allowing the planting of the purple flowers.